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A post about organization tips for school or whatever else you need by request! This might be a long one, so I’ll tag it as “long post” if you need to blacklist that.

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Basic Wikihow article on organization // Manage your tasks like you’re in a video game! // Some organized note-taking methods! // Organize by color coding! // Tips on keeping a clean workspace! // Keeping a clean room is very helpful! // I’ve found that listening to energetic, upbeat music helps you when you have to clean or organize. This is just my choice, but it may help you!

My personal advice:

  1. Buy a planner or a ruled notebook to plan out your tasks and your day! Make sure that there is enough room so you won’t have to cram everything together.
  2. If possible, use individual folders for each subject. It’s fine to get folders with designs, but I would recommend using things that are all one color or one color scheme so that you can color-code your subjects. You can also color code your textbooks using fabric covers!
  3. Stick to the bare minimum in terms of writing utensils. Two pencils, a sharpener, one black pen, one red pen, and two different colored highlighters should keep you covered for the day. Keep them in a pencil pouch or an easily accessible space in your backpack such as a front or side pocket.
  4. If you’ve had similar school experiences to mine, you know that handouts and homework can pile up fast in your folders. Clean out your folders every three weeks or after every test. However, make sure not to simply throw papers away! You may need to keep notes to study for finals or other cumulative assignments. Keep a separate binder for each semester (one at least two inches thick because there’s going to be a lot of stuff in there), and use dividers with a pocket on each side to organize your papers. One divider for each subject is good, and you can use one side for handouts and graded work, and use the other for notes you’ve taken yourself.
  5. Speaking of notes! I learned this method from a very helpful Chemistry teacher when we had to keep notebooks. Keep one spiral for each note-heavy subject, and plan to keep all of the notes you take for this subject in this notebook. Allow yourself a front and back page for a table of contents page, and fold this page in half (hot-dog style). Start numbering from 1 to whatever number you plan on going up to horizontally, and when you start taking notes in this notebook, place the name of the lesson next to the page number. You may need to write smaller than you’re used to! Note: If this is a handout-heavy class, you can leave a left page to tape handouts in, and leave the right page to take notes on the corresponding subject. If you overlap onto another page of notes, don’t go up a page number! You can instead write the same number, and put an “A” next to it, and continue to go through the alphabet if your notes extend through more pages. I found that this was a very effective and organized way to keep my notes for later studying :)
  6. Pin up all of the schedules and important handouts for events that you can. Keeping a corkboard or section of your wall specifically for school-related papers may help you remember any important upcoming events!

I hope this covered everything, if not, please let me know! I also encourage anyone else to reblog with their tips. :)



if yr atheism involves belittling people’s faith and attempting to prove to everyone that god doesn’t exist don’t talk to me don’t come near me don’t breathe on me thanks

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When the beat of a song is good, but the lyrics are trash:


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Fact: Today (September 23rd) is bisexuality awareness day. Be aware of bisexuals. They are dangerous.

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*sees a post on dash that treats all of tumblr like a monolithic group of people that isn’t at all diverse in terms of opinions or beliefs*

*looks at the camera like they’re on the office*

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Noiao childhood friends AU - five proposals

I based early teens Noiz on beta!Noiz because that design is real cute

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'This rune stone… It's truly beautiful jem. Perfect for those words.'

'Do you think so? I can make you one if you like.'

'With one of those “forever curse” words?'

'It won't be the curse. It will be a confession.'

Fili is sobbing in the distance. My otp is in dangerous.

Don’t hate me.

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doodles of a pair of little ghost girlfriends, tall spook and small spook

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before you date a girl with a mental illness, remember: saying, “you’re beautiful” won’t balance the chemicals in her brain.

and don’t fucking say, “i’ll be here for you, no matter what,” if you don’t mean it.

don’t think you’re fixing her by saying, “i love you.” because you’re not

This needs more notes.

All of it, but mostly the bolded

Same with dating a boy with mental illness.

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Meanwhile, in prehistoric Canada…..

No no, you don’t understand, moose really do get that big. Take it from a Canadian. I’ve seen that bullshit in person. Scary as all heck.

I live in Alaska and this exists. Trust me. It exists.

Elks can get that big. They’re everywhere in the mountains of Aizona. I piss myself every time I see one walk up to the window.

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I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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Malekith: What the hell are these idiots doing?

The Kurse: IDK…..

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oops I ended up making a model of Cipher-los WHOOOOOPS

all hail our dorito overlord