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Details at Armani Privé Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012

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where is he?




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Masculine Ways to Do Feminine Things by Dave Mercier.

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Trans Guys | Bind Kinder 

The use of ace bandages for binding is not only extremely uncomfortable, its dangerous. 

Ace bandages contract around the ribcage, not allowing your ribcage to expand as you breathe, furthermore, putting you at risk for deformed ribs from prolonged use, as well as broken rib bones. 

Always use a binder, which is specifically designed for binding and shaping the chest. 

Can’t afford a binder? contact Aydian Dowling at point5ccclothing@gmail.com and get a binder for supporting a great organization and great cause. 

If you donate to the .5cc Surgery Fund or purchase a tee shirt from .5cc clothing company, you can get a free binder.

for my brothers in need

Things I wish I’d known in high school. Guys seriously the ace bandages can do some serious damage, don’t do it. Huge thanks to whoever is at that email taking care of folks so kindly.

Boosting for this wonderful person’s email.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread this information and STOP DRAWING FANART/CREATING MEDIA THAT PORTRAYS USE OF ACE BANDAGES because not all trans people know this and will attempt to bind in dangerous ways if not given alternative methods!!

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He is male.
Even though his parents call him “Katie” and his mother says “my little girl”
Even though the childhood photos show the dresses and dolls
Even though his hair used to reach all the way to his waist
He is male.

She is female.
Even though her dad is disappointed because “that’s not my son”
Even though her birth certificate still says “David”
Even though her shirt is padded at the front
She is female.

This is them.
No matter how many times you tell them they’re wrong
No matter how often you call them a name that’s not them
No matter how much you treat them like they’re “just confused”
This is them.

He is male.
She is female.
They are real.
Accept it.

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Up tops!

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Ice Covered Street Lamp on Mt Washington

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These are BEE FLIES!

Harmless to everything else, these precious little cutie pies sneak their eggs into beehives, where their larvae can parasitize bee larvae and eat their food reserves!

Simultaneously adorable and insidious!

fairy types.

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King Baby says No

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Teaching you how to swim:

Makoto: He'd be more than happy to teach you how to swim. He'd be amazingly patient and very efficient with the training, and really understanding if you don't get something, so he'd look for ways to make it easier and more enjoyable for you. He'd encourage you to keep on trying and end up celebrating once you start getting a hang of it.
Haruka: He wouldn't be too open to the idea, since chances are the water won't like you and he'd have to put a lot of effort into it, but seeing how sincerely interested you are, he'd eventually give in. His teaching methods might be strange and his instructions pretty vague, frustrating you to no end. You'd probably end up looking for someone else to teach you.
Rin: He'd be very willing to teach you, and he'd be very good at it. He'd start you up at basics and slowly work you way up from there. He'd be very patient and explain things over again if you don't understand them. He'd be supportive when you're having trouble, and cheer you on when you get a hang of it, not to mention how proud he'd be when you start swimming all on your own.
Nagisa: He'd be so happy once you ask him to teach you how to swim that he'd want to start right away. His teaching ways would be very fast paced and a bit disorganized. He'd try really hard and it might be a hassle catching up with. He'd slow down once he sees that you're struggling and try to find a way to make it easier.
Rei: Asking him to teach you how to swim wouldn't really make sense to him since he struggles with it himself. Unless you're only interested in swimming butterfly, he wouldn't really be much help. He'd be flattered that you'd choose him before anyone else, and he'd try to do what he can.
Nitori: His face would light up so much the moment you ask him to be your teacher. He'd try to teach you everything he knows, and he'd be so excited about it that he'd be talking so fast you might have to tell him to slow down so you could catch up. He'd be very efficient in his lessons since swimming is no joke to him, and he might be a lot more strict than you'd though he'd be.
Seijuro: He'd gladly take you under his wing and show you the joys of swimming, but don't expect him to take it easy on you. He'd be very strict and serious about teaching you how to swim, and it'd be very successful though. He'd teach you from the very basics to the more advanced, and he'd be very thorough. He'd definitely take you to celebrate after you make some improvement.
Momotarou: Momo teaching you how to swim might end up more in disaster rather than success. Since he's so used to it and is quite naturally gifted he might expect the same from you and would get extremely frustrated when it doesn't turn out that way. He'd try really hard to teach you, but his ways of teaching wouldn't be very practical, and you both would end up quitting out of frustration.
Sosuke: He wouldn't want to do it, but seeing as you really want to learn he would give it up and teach you. Now, don't expect him to go easy on you. Although you'd be a beginner he'd go all out on his training regimen and be very strict with his instructions. Even though the experience itself won't really be all that enjoyable, and you find yourself questioning why you chose him in the first place, the results would be very satisfying and wipe away any doubt you had about his teaching ways.



ok but give me one good reason why you wouldn’t date Kermit the frog besides that he is a puppet and a frog

I can’t beat Miss Piggy in a fight. She’s very strong and knows karate.

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fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2015 couture

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stellatiate: (from your tags on the kick board art) it is said that sei tells rin he has a sister the same age as gou so that is indeed whom that sprout should be...